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      • Release date:2020-03-03
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      TL16 Wheel Loader Specifications
      1.0 Engine details:4.0 Overall Dimensions
      ModelXinchai A498BT1(EURO III)Overall Length (Bucket on ground position)5100mm
      Engine typeIn-line arrangement, water-cooled, four-cycle diesel EngineOverall Height2770mm
      Rated Power36.8KWGround to Cab Top2770mm
      Rated Speed2400 r/min (rpm)Dumping Height2700mm
      Fuel Consumption ratio in standard working condition230g/kw.hMin. Base to the Ground290mm
      2.0 Transmission SystemOverall Width1800mm
      TypeFixed-spindle Power shift5.0 Operating Specifications
      Shift gear control oil pressure1.2~1.5MPaSteering SystemArticulated Frame with hydraulic power steering
      Rated input speed2500 (rpm)Min Turning Radius4500mm
      3.0 BucketDriving SystemHydraulic converter
      Bucket Capacity0.8m36.0 Brake System
      Bucket width1800mmService BrakeFour Wheel drive hydraulic disc brake.
      Bucket typeHeavy-duty bolt on teethParking BrakeHand operated
      Max. Breakout Force36.8KN7.0 Tyre
      Rated Load1600kgModel20.5/70-16
      Operating Weight4175kg8.0 Wheelbase2100mm

      1.6ton loader video  pls click here



      Titan Heavy Industries utilise only quality, proven componentry in the production of our product range. Our Chief Engineer Eric, has been involved in the design and production of premium, export quality equipment since 2003. All Titan Machinery undergoes rigorous factory testing for both operation and finish prior to delivery.



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      Titan can assist you in the preparation and installation of your new equipment. Our factory trained technicians share with you their detailed and extensive knowledge of the equipment.

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